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Eryomin Kirill

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Eryomin Kyril Vladimirovich.
1975 of a birth. Was born in Simferopol. Crimea.

After the termination of the Crimean art college (1990-1995). With 1995 for 2000 it was trained
in the Russian Academy of a theatrical art (GITIS) on scenography faculty has. Predegree practice passed in the State Academic Bolshoi theatre of Russia. Working as the Assistant to the main artist-set designer which was during this period S.M. Barhin. Took part in creation of performances "Russian Hamlet", "the Daughter of the Pharaoh", "Troubadour ","Quixote", "Pskowityanka" etc. After GITIS termination worked at the Russian. In 2003 has ended postgraduate study of GITIS. Worked on TV, at theatres and cinema , the teacher computer graphic arts in GITIS.


Participated in exhibitions:
1995 - Contemporary artists of Crimea, Simferopol. Art Museum.
1995 - Exhibition of young artists, Moscow.
1997- The results of the theatrical seasons 1992-97 Moscow
1998- Jubilee exhibition of artists of the theater, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the РАТИ (GITIS-a), Moscow
1998- The results of the theatrical seasons 1997-98 Moscow
1999- The results of the theatrical seasons 1998-99 Moscow B.Manezh
2003- Exhibition of Russian Theater Artists "Klin" Moskva GTTM named after. A.A. Bakhrushin
2003- The results of the theatrical seasons2002-03 Moscow B.Manezh
2004- The results of the theatrical seasons2003-04 Moscow sm. Manezh
2006- Results of the theatrical seasons2005-06 Moscow sm. Manezh

Artist's works:
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