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I would like to tell you my life story and how I began my creativity. Everyone remembers a school time. You are sitting at a boring classroom. The time goes incredibly slowly. And you entertain your self by painting in a notebook. Just since that time I have loved the art. Now I remember when I had gotten the next bad score in school and the teacher humiliated me. She said there is only one way for me. The way to be an artist. It was my starting point to the world of art. Our world is amazing and unpredictable. You never know what can change your life and directs it in the right way. Your mind has to be open for new ideas! You have to be open for people and for the world! A lot of people tried to prevent me. They have told me to be an artist, is not seriously. And there is no usefulness of it. One woman sad "You have to do something useful for society!" But everyone has his own understanding of what is useful and what is not useful.
I like to create my world of art! I really enjoy it! When I paint I express my emotions. I express my vision of the world! Everyone my picture has own story and sense. Your opinion is very important for me. Because people are very different. I would like to know what do you think about it. What do you feel looking at my art?
The world is opening for us and we are opening to each other. I am opening my self by creating my art.


Artist's works:
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