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Born in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, now the Dnieper, was drafted into the army and never returned, traveled almost all of Russia, lived in the Far East and the Far North, did not receive any artistic education, as he worked all the time, changed several specialties, but painted Since the age of three, he has been in contact with professional artists and art historians a lot. After moving to Rostov-on-Don, he began working at the Art Fund of the USSR Union of Artists, where he worked 15 years before its collapse, worked in the media, collaborated with galleries and publisher stvami, worked with private zakazchikami.Seychas live in Volgodonsk, a board member of city public organization Union of artists of the city, engaged in painting and grafikoy.Naryadu with traditional art, takes a lifetime cosmic art and surrealism, now I work only in these areas.


I started to participate in exhibitions from school, took first places in city drawing competitions, then began to take part in amateur exhibitions of different levels, working in the Hudfund, I was already exhibiting professionally, but since the works were on the themes of space and other worlds, I preferred to exhibitions on my own, after moving to Volgodonsk, I take part in city exhibitions together with other artists, I read lectures about my work.

Artist's works:
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