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Rimsky-Korsakov, Yuri D. was born in 1964 in the town of Klin, Moscow region, surrounded by the wonderful Nature of the old Wedge, the rivers Sisters and very old Moscow lived up to 1975, and From the first day of birth grew up in Moscow Timiryazevskiy forest, in a Thatched hut 33,/21. And, although it has kinship with the great Russian composers N..Rimsky-Korsakov and P. I. Tchaikovsky, yet art was closer to the expression of reverence for the divine in Nature, although the Music also is a joint author. Yuri is a disciple of the great Klinsky artist of the last century Yuri Puzyreva life years ( 1926 - 1999 ), whose works delight the eye not only of people in Russia, but also Peru. In addition to oil painting, the artist has long worked as a glassblower in the State.Research Institute of Glass, where made Souvenirs, also made artistic mosaics and stained glass. The artist's paintings are in private collections not only in Russia but also in France, Peru, Ukraine, South Korea. The artist is a member of the regional branch of Union of artists "Springs" in 2000.


Artist's works:
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